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Improving Business Performance

M.F. Smith, LLC (MFS) is in the business of implementing growth and performance improvement solutions.

MFS is an experienced business and management advisory firm, focused on business growth (size) and performance improvement (results). We serve the leadership and operating management of companies of all sizes in the business-to-business (B2B) community, who are seeking ways to turn-around, grow or expand their business and also to improve its operating and financial results.

Our teams of experienced analysts, advisors and change-agents are expert at cost-effectively identifying business limiters, capitalizing on prevailing opportunities, and developing pragmatic and proven solutions. Our implementation approaches are designed to be cost-effective while minimizing risk, disruption and cash-flow.

Viewing a business as a financial investment, we quickly and effectively assess the current and potential worth of the business, and we are able to formulate strategies to unlock hidden value for realizing its full potential.

Our approach serves the needs of either the 'going concern', or to increase its value and attractiveness, in preparation for a future potential sale, merger, divestiture, recapitalization or acquisition.

Complimentary Consultation

MFS offers a confidential complimentary consultation, with no cost or obligation, to discuss your specific situation. Take the first step -- contact us today.