Message from the President

M.F. Smith and its associates provides transition, transaction and investment advisory service serving owners, senior management, shareholders and investors seeking to assess, start-up or improve the strength of their organization, from an investment perspective.


The worth of a business is related to its liquidity, current value and cash balance. The strategy of the business model, competitive positioning, marketing, partnering and new product development are all tools that can be used to improve return, accelerate growth and gain market share.

Businesses and operating divisions should always seek to continuously maximize "instantaneous value" and maintain contingent exit strategies to deal with this volatile and highly competitive global economy and aggressive legal and regulatory climate.


Certain expansion or diversification strategies increase risk because they are ill-conceived, ill-timed, lack resources to succeed, or are executed too slowly. Every enterprise has a sweet spot the right place to go, at the right time and the right way to get there.

Any business has inherent Strengths and Weaknesses as well as its unique spectrum of core competencies, things that they do well, that often can be mapped well into competitive white spaces or unfulfilled needs in the market. Current and planned target market segments pose market Opportunities, as well as competitive or trend Threats to the business.


The path cannot be envisioned as a straight line, but must, when appropriate, curve around the business threats, as they exist, and in anticipation of them materializing. In some cases, threats might be met head-on, but that must be a well considered decision. Thus, in a real-time world of instant information, we need formulate continuously evolving or Dynamic Business and Marketing Strategies that deal with known threats, anticipated a threats and having contingency to react to unforeseen categories of threat.


M.F. Smith is a pragmatic, thoughtful, analytical advisory firm that can quickly and effectively assess the current and potential worth of the business, and formulate approaches to unlock hidden value and realize its full potential. This can serve the needs of a 'going concern' or increase value in readiness of a business transaction such as a sale, merger, divestiture, acquisition, etc. or to anticipate the combined post-transaction worth.

M.F. Smith assesses the business, its operations, the market and its needs, as well as the competitive landscape and market trend to formulate pragmatic opportunities to grow or capitalize on prevailing opportunities while avoiding current or emerging threats. Strategies and improvement programs are formulated to incorporate known constraints such as management preference, available resources and capabilities of the organization.

M.F. Smith's network of global business contacts, commercial and academic subject matter experts, partners, access to capital markets and investors gives it both the resources and connections to address a wide array of alternatives. Support to clients might be limited to decision advice and support, partial or comprehensive business assessment, recommendations, implementation planning or partial to complete program execution. Engagements can be conducted quickly or include knowledge or methodology transference or mentoring services to the organization.

Above all, M.F. Smith's clients can expect substantive results, well-conceived solutions and value in each engagement.

Michael F. Smith