Services Offered


Conducting business, marketing and operational assessments for the purpose of uncovering organizational weakness, targeting improvement opportunities or as a precursor to a planning effort or business transaction (sale, merger, etc.).

Strategy Development

Developing a strategy for use at the business, marketing, infrastructure or program level. Effort includes a situation assessment (WOTS-UP analysis), issue identification and formulating a set of strategic objectives to guide development efforts and maintain a vision for the organization.


At the business-strategic, marketing, operational, IT or tactical levels; Step-by-step plans for the organization to achieve the business requirements using a parsing approach within given constraints.

Revenue Enhancement

Process includes assessing opportunities and hindrances, then an alternative analysis considering available resources, isolating a recommendation based on management preferences, risk and optimum cash-flow or rate of return. Scope examines both marketing and sales organization within resource constraints of the organization. Support includes networking and introduction services.

Business Development

This includes a wide range of phased marketing initiatives, keeping a changing organization in balance or scaled. The effort includes business strategy formulation or rationalization, business model review, marketing strategy, channel management and strategic partnering designed to achieve balanced growth of the organization through emphasis on revenue generation, product/service development, service delivery and scaling of the organization.

Capital Formation

Debt or equity financing of business operations for working capital or expansion needs, including readiness to attract and conclude the desired business transaction. Provide networking and introductory support to credible sources. Other forms of strategic investing, networking and the use of strategic partners are also considered.