Venture Advisory Services to Entrepreneurs and Investors

Michael F. Smith (MFS) is a repeat entrepreneur, twice listed on the Inc 500 list of 'Fastest Growing Privately Held Corporations.' He is a seasoned business consultant having in-depth experience launching new businesses, entrepreneurship, venture development and revenue growth for his own efforts, as well as being an advisor and mentor to other ventures and to technology incubator clients.

Advisor, Mentor and Support to New or Emerging Ventures:
MFS's mission is to provide a continuum of services and results oriented support to start-up and emerging companies. Our goal is to help ventures grow, develop and expand to their next stage of commercial development as a means for them to realize their market potential, value and worth.

MFS helps entrepreneurs identify and take the actions necessary to capitalize on prevailing opportunities, resolve limitations or achieve the next stage of commercial development. Support commonly requested includes: situation, market and concept assessments, improve or remediate the existing business model, its strategy, operations, marketing and financial limitations to unlock hidden value and identify, expand, enable and execute strategic alternatives.

MFS functions as a mentor nurturing and cultivating good business practices in young companies and to help them access the services needed to survive the critical early stages of development. MFS is objectives and value-driven. We focus on achieving meaningful results while maintaining a keen awareness of cash-flow and carefully allocating resources to maximize return, shortening the 'time-to-market' and to accelerate the rate of improvement of the venture.

Recognize the Need; Seek Value:
Entrepreneurs having successful outcomes commonly consult with experienced advisors and mentors as "sounding boards"; to seek advice, help and support by providing guidance, validation, motivation or direction setting regarding approaches, decisions, problems or situations or the need to formulate next-steps, in difficult, uncertain or ambiguous situations.

Success is often achieved by doing the right things first, in the correct order, to an appropriated and limited degree of perfection that the situation requires, thus, streamlining the approach and conserving valuable resources while avoiding the common early stage pit-falls.

Life-Cycle Support:
MFS provides support for the entire life-cycle of venture development; from concept / discovery, through "pre-seed" commercialization and on to the pre and post revenue stages.

For pre-revenue start-ups, MFS provides mentoring or collaborative advisory services to owners, investors and the management team to provide focused support such as: validating plans, direction setting, longer-term strategies and the business model. Advisory services improve day-to-day operations, the supporting infrastructure (systems, process, procedures and organization) and consider cash-flow and capital risks, while helping the organization develop an appropriate marketing and sales effort.

For post-revenue ventures, MFS provides support to drive the sales and marketing effort and to validate or develop business / marketing strategies (or alternatives), business plans. Operational support assists ventures to evaluate and improve operational performance as well as the effectiveness of the sales and marketing activities needed to sustain growth, profitability, worth and create strategic alternatives.